Our Pre-School group is for children aged 3 to Primary school. During each service children will have the opportunity to engage in a range of activities from play, snack and craft time. We also incorporate elements of music and teaching into each service. The curriculum used in services is the Bible Adventure series from Life Church and features stories, videos and props to deliver the message.

Neuma Kids focusses on values rather than rules, as it encourages children to aspire to grow, rather than avoid discipline. The values within the Preschool room are:

Kindness – At Neuma Kids, we love each other by showing kindness

Listening – At Neuma Kids, we honour each other by listening

Fun – At Neuma Kids, we are a family and love having fun together

The 5 L’s

When we are learning at Neuma Kids we need to practice the 5 L’s; Legs Crosses, Hands in Lap, Lips Locked, Eyes Looking and Listening Ear on!

Legs crossed

Hands in your lap

Lips closed

Eyes looking at the talker

Listening ears on to hear the message

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God’s Wonderful Gift

In the lesson “God’s Wonderful Gift,” preschoolers age two to five will learn about the Holy Spirit, the gift that Jesus gave to the disciples (and us) after His resurrection.

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