Your kids are being empowered with Kingdom Culture Values!

During Closer Conference 2019, Dr Michael Maiden and Ps Daniel Bates prophesied that we would see a revival throughout our city (Melbourne) and nations and it would begin in the Children’s ministry.

Neuma Kids has clutched on to those prophetic words and ran with it! We want to see the next generation rise up in the power of God as they partner with the Holy Spirit to bring the nations to His Kingdom. Neuma Kids Church Services are designed with Kingdom Culture Values to provide opportunities for primary aged kids to have encounters with God and facilitate spiritual growth as they walk with Jesus. We believe that as your children learn and participate at Neuma Kids every week they will grow to be walking examples of Acts 2:17.

“And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions…”

So what does Kids Church look like each week?

Praise & Worship

Prayer fuels power is practiced as kids praise and worship their Heavenly Father. As they declare God’s goodness, adoration, and requests for help through song and dance, their prayers ignite the atmosphere for God to take His place during weekend services.

Offering and Vision giving

Love gives generously is expressed through offering and vision. The kids learn about God’s generosity in our lives and how we can honour God by giving a portion back to Him. Kids also have the opportunity to sow into the global and local vision of Neuma Church. As they give to the vision each week, part of the vision offering goes to Children’s Fortress Africa, a global missions partner of Disciple The Nations. This allows kids to think outside of their known “worlds” and to help other children who are in need by aiding them with education, medical and family support. The kids are encouraged to serve one another each week by collecting and praying for the offering.

Scripture memorisation and application

God’s Word is our foundation is built through scripture memorisation of the Monthly Memory Verse. Kids are encouraged to memorise the verse through fun and creative ways. Each week they also taught the meaning of the scripture and the different aspects of how it can be applied to their daily lives.

Live Preaching

Neuma Kids enlists a preacher to declare God’s Word over your kids each week that is relatable and empowering to the context of their lives. The preacher may set aside time to be led by the Holy Spirit to minister to the room by; speaking over the kids, engaging in prayer, or leading them in to worship.

Miracles are normal every week because the kids have the opportunity to accept Jesus as the Lord of their life through a salvation response prompted by the preacher.

Life Groups

At Neuma Kids we understand Making disciples isn’t optional, so kids participate in Life Group.

Life Groups begin with an Ice-Breaker activity to encourage kids to get to know each other, make new kids feel welcomed, and build lasting friendships.

The Kid’s Team lead discussions based on the Monthly Theme and the Preacher’s message to help kids develop an understanding of God’s Word. During discussions, kids may engage in activities such as a colouring page that caters to kids who are still learning to read (Prep-Grade 2) or be challenged by puzzles, such as crosswords or word searches, that utilise searching for scripture in their Bibles to provide a fun learning activity.

As kids learn more about Jesus they are encouraged to share the Good News to their friends and family.

Group Games

At Neuma Kids we believe church is fun! Fun can be expressed though learning, singing, dancing and playing games. Kids are taught that having fun is a personal choice and our circumstances don’t need to change how we feel. Winning or losing, alone or together, loud or quiet; we choose to have fun. It is a reminder for all of us that Freedom is a responsibility.

Doing Life Together

Church is covenant family in Neuma Kids because we do everything together! We worship, sing, learn and encounter God as a spiritual family. Kids are encouraged to keep each other safe, treat others as they’d like to be treated, listen to their leaders, and stay united by solving problems together through love.