Ps Bek Field

Ps Bek Field

Neuma City - Pastor

As parents, we’re entrusted to nurture the faith of our children but as Christians, we’re commanded to have faith like children. We’ve been given the responsibility to teach our kids about God and the world around them, and we in turn are invited into their natural curiosity and wonder. It goes both ways. We get to share our God with them and their growing faith can grow our faith.

Children naturally believe. They’re not born with cynicism, doubt and distrust. They have a natural, innocent trust of their parents, of the world around them, and of God. They ask questions, not with the objective of disproving, but with the intent to learn and grow. Like many parents, we started teaching our kids about God from the time they were babies, but it was in 2020, when our kids were 7 and 5 years old that their little hearts and mouths began to explode with questions and conversations, fascinated by heaven, God and the Bible. We were privileged to be able to experience their first love for God and have it reignite ours.

Kids approach the Bible with uncomplicated faith. When our kids learned about Joseph, they started interpreting each other’s dreams. When they learnt that Jesus heals the sick, they started praying for the sick. In fact, Judah is so confident that God heals that when he had the flu recently he asked us NOT to pray for him because he wanted a few days off school! Let’s let their faith build ours.

As parents, we guide our kids’ relationships. Why are kids nervous around strangers but feel safe and comfortable with our friends and family? Because they trust who we trust. They relate to whomever we relate to. They look to us to see who is safe, and who is worthy of our time and attention. They rely on us to guide their relationships. I talk openly to God in front of our kids and consequently MY relationship with God has become OUR relationship with God. When I sense His presence, I talk to Him, not quietly in my spirit, but out aloud so they can hear me, whether it’s ‘Good morning, Father!’ or ‘Help me, Jesus’. Over time they’ve started to join in and when we sense His presence, we respond to Him, not in routine or ritual, but in relationship. I love that I get to share my God with my kids.

Whenever our kids experience God, no matter what it looks like, we aim to pay attention! God is revealing Himself to us through them and we don’t want to be in such a hurry or laugh it off as childishness and miss God in the moment. A couple of years ago, in a restaurant, I popped my bag on a spare chair at our table and Ari immediately told me off, ‘Hey! Jesus is sitting there!’ She apologised to Jesus and removed the bag from off His lap. I could have just laughed but I chose to be reminded of God’s presence with us.

We love creating space at home for our kids to experience God. We put on the Neuma Worship Stillness album (shameless plug, I’m well aware) and lay down together. We still our bodies and minds and encourage our kids to activate their God-given imaginations, which comes naturally to children! After some time, which isn’t long because we have a fidgety little boy, we listen to them as they share the sweet and interesting revelations and visions that they received.

Our daily family devotion time before the kids go to bed has become a precious point of connection with God and with each other. We worship, dance (well, usually we’re so tired that the kids dance while we watch), read the Bible, and pray together. Our family devotions have looked different over the seasons, always adjusting to keep it age-appropriate, interactive and fun. This year we asked the kids to be responsible for sharing something from the word. They love it. Judah brings a kids’ Bible and will us read a story of his choice. Ari is working her way through her own little preaching series. They enjoy acting out Bible stories together while we watch. They love choosing worship songs and sharing from the Word. Just as kids are more likely to eat a meal that they have helped prepare, I find my kids are more engaged in a devotional time that they have had some say in.

I am grateful every day that I have been entrusted with these wide-eyed little souls to teach and nurture. I learn just as much from their faith as they do from mine.