21 Days of Prayer – Day 7

Jul 5, 2020 | 21 Days of Prayer |

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart.
    Do not depend on your own understanding.
In all your ways obey him.
    Then he will make your paths smooth and straight.

Your Will Be Done
Have you ever gotten lost? Even though you really thought you knew
where you were going? Would you have gotten lost if you had had
good directions?
We can get lost in life if we don’t use the guidebook God has provided
us with —the Bible. We were not designed to be “know-it-alls.” None
of us were. We were designed to rely on God’s instructions and on his
This isn’t always simple. God’s will isn’t always obvious, but that
doesn’t mean that we should put our lives on hold while we wait for
him to reveal his plan for our lives. God’s Word gives us plenty to go
on. The Bible tells us how to behave, how to treat others and how to
live wisely. When we follow the instructions God has already given us,
he will further reveal his will to us.

  • What do you think God wants you to do with your life?
  • What happens if you ignore God’s will?

Dear God, thank you for caring enough about us as individuals to create a plan for each of our lives. Guide us as we strive to determine your will. Amen.

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