Primary Parent Hub

The Neuma Kids Primary curriculum is created to align with the culture, mission and vision of Neuma Church. Topic series are modular (usually 3-4 weeks long) and designed to provide flexibility for Locations to disciple kids in alignment with local priorities.

Locations are empowered and encouraged to prayerfully consider what it is that God wants to say to the kids in any given season.

In addition to the outline below, Neuma Kids Global Team will also produce timely material to align with Global events, namely:

  • Consecration Season
  • Vision Month
  • Easter Season
  • Christmas Season

Below is an outline of the complete Neuma Kids Primary Curriculum.

Topic Name Overview

Prayer Fuels Power
Kids explore the Kingdom Culture Value of prayer and how disciples of Jesus pray.
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God’s Word is Our Foundation
Kids will learn to prioritise building their life on the foundation of God’s Word by asking “What does God’s Word say about that?”
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Making Disciples Isn’t Optional
Kids will learn about being a disciple of Jesus and disciple-making.
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Miracles are Normal
Kids will examine miracles from the Old and New Testament to demonstrate that miracles are normal in God’s presence.
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Love Gives Generously
Kids will learn about God’s great love for them, others, and the world.
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Freedom is a Responsibility
Kids will learn how to apply their freedom in Christ responsibly in their daily lives to grow as a believer.
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Church is Covenant Family
Kids will learn about the Kingdom Culture Value of Church is Covenant family and discover how God’s Family treats each other as they journey through the book of Ruth.
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Kids will step through Romans 8 to discover who God says we are and how we should relate to Him.
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Kingdom Come
Kids will learn about the fundamentals of the Kingdom of God, it’s King, citizens and its purpose.
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The Big Splash
Kids will learn about the Biblical practice of Water Baptism.
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The Secret Place
Kids will learn to worship, talk, listen and rest in God during private moments to draw closer to Him.
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Holy Spirit
Kids will learn about the person of the Holy Spirit and what He does in the life of the believer.
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A one day, safe weekend workshop.
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The Church
Kids will learn their role and purpose in the Church as they explore how the Bible describes what The Church is.
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The Call
Kids will learn about God’s calling for every believer, what a God calling is, the reason for the call, and who God calls us to be.
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Baptism of Fire
Kids will learn about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, why we need it, and what we do with it.
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The Heart of Worship
Kids will learn about the different aspects of worship and how it fits into their daily lives.
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Victory in Unseen Realms
Kids will learn how to equip themselves for spiritual battles in a spiritual war that has already been won by Christ.
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Sharing Jesus Confidently
Kids will learn how to share Jesus confidently.
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End Times
Kids will learn about Jesus’ Second Coming, judgement for all people, and the final destiny of the soul and of humankind.
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Upside-Down Kingdom
Kids will discover how the Kingdom of God is counter-cultural to the values and systems of the world as they explore the ideas of giving to get, the big things in the small, keeping their eyes on God and loving like Christ.
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The Nature of God
Kids will learn about God’s unchangeable aspects, Omni-attributes, and holiness, while also learning how to reconcile God’s seemingly contradictory characteristics such as love and wrath.
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The Big Book
Kids will learn about the book of the Bible as they explore its authority, authenticity, accessibility and application through context.
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All of Creation
Kids will learn that God is the creator of everything and His original purpose of mankind as they journey through Genesis 1.
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Life in Christ
Kids will learn how to live their lives as disciples of Jesus by exploring the cost of following Christ, who they need to honour and obey, and where to set their focus.
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