Ps Bree Krigsman

Ps Bree Krigsman

Neuma Hobart - Location Pastor

Developing our children’s relationship with God has been a priority for us and this has looked different and evolved at different stages of both of our daughter’s development.

We try to model to our daughters that prayer time can happen any time anywhere. For example, Abi and I will pray for our upcoming day, for each other and the rest of our family in the car during the drive to childcare. I have found since incorporating this activity, my youngest daughter Norah; has recently learnt the word ‘Amen’ and often repeats this exciting new word she has learnt, sometimes even before we finish praying! I love that even from the tender age of 18 months she is already developing the language and becoming excited when communicating with her heavenly Father!

One of our Kingdom Culture Values at Neuma is ‘Prayer fuels power’.

This can sometimes be tricky to demonstrate to young kids.  One of the ways we try to instil this value into our girls is by encouraging them to lay hands and pray when someone in the family is sick.

We have found that apart from these being incredibly bonding moments for our family, it has been a powerful tool in demonstrating to our daughters even at their young ages that prayer should always be our first response and that God deeply cares what goes on in our lives.