Ps Dave Hickman

Ps Dave Hickman

Neuma Church - Young Adults Pastor

I can remember when Sibella & Roman were born like it was yesterday. It was a joyous, exciting yet also scary time. Our lives had been forever changed by this new baby that entered our life. During the preparing, organising, and planning for the arrival of both our kids, there was one thing that did take me by surprise. How my devotional life would be affected by the arrival of our kids.

Normally, I would be up at 6am to spend an hour in the word, prayer, and devotions. I would love this time! But it all changed when Sibella came along. Between the night-time feeds, washing, changing nappies, and organising for the day ahead, I found my routine go out the window and both Louise and I had moved into survival mode. The result was my regular time with God was now taken up with washing or feeding or nursing or one of a hundred other things. The result of this would be, I would feel shame, guilt, and condemnation for not being a “good” Christian.

One day I realise, as I was telling myself how bad a Christian I was, that I was stuck in comparison mode. I was comparing my devotional life in one season of life (pre kids) to my current season (post kids). I realise that life is constantly changing and as a result my devotional life will change as well. I just needed to find where and when I would spend time with God.

The Holy Spirit started to show me the moments I could spend with Him. When Sibella & Roman were crying at night. I had an opportunity to pray, worship, and prophecy. Both for my kids and my own life. When I was driving into work, out for a walk, or feeding Sibella or Roman I could listen to God’s word through the Bible App on my phone.

As both kids get older our family routine changes, and so does our devotional life. Now that Sibella is 5, and Roman is 2, we say grace at dinner time, pray and read our bibles at bedtime together. Pray on the way to school / day care together. Right now, I am back to getting up early 5:30am (before the kids are up) to have my devotional time. I am sure as seasons change so will my devotional life. But I am committed to having one no matter the season.